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Aromatic with a pleasing flavor, this chance seedling from British Columbia is fast becoming a breakout variety for growers. Fruit is medium to large with a creamy yellow background and pink blush on the sun-exposed side. Fruit is sweet and juicy.  These apples are very low in acid. They won’t taste tart or tangy, just mellow and sweet.

While some apples like McIntosh get softer and softer as they are stored, this variety keeps its crunchy texture for a long time if refrigerated. Just be sure not to leave them out at room temperature for days – any apple becomes soft and mealy just sitting on the countertop.

The trees aren’t self-fertile like Braeburn, so you will need a cross-pollinator. Most other apple varieties such as McIntosh or Golden Delicious will pollinate an Ambrosia tree.

Ripen mid-September.

Apple, Ambrosia

SKU: SP-Fr-AAmbrosia
  • 5/8 in. thick  4-6' tall

    EMLA 7 Semi-dwarf rootstock

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