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The Early Fuji apple is a member of the Rosaceae family in the Malus domestica species. Early Fuji apples have all of the positive characteristics of the Fuji apple but it ripens five to six weeks earlier than the original variety.


Early Fuji apples are round and large. It has a mostly red colored skin with small patches of golden yellow blush and light vertical striations. The Early Fuji has a white to cream-colored, dense, yet crisp flesh. Complex in flavor, low in acidity and very sweet with notes of both honey and citrus.


Early Fujis start off the Fuji season for consumers who love this apple. They are great for eating fresh out of hand and can be used in any recipes that call for regular Fujis. Since they do not store well, they should be eaten soon after purchase, or stored in the refrigerator for a short amount of time.

Apple, Auvil Early Fuji

SKU: SP-Fr-ApFuj
  • 5/8 in. thick, 4-6' tall

    EMLA 7 Semi-dwarf rootstock

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