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The Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot tree is a heavy bearer of large, oval, freestone fruit with yellow-orange skin and flesh. Known as a reliable and prolific producer, expect a generous bounty of fresh, juicy apricots every year, ripening from July to late August. This variety is particularly well-suited for drying and home canning or eating right from the branches.

Wenatchee is a great pollinator for late-blooming apricots. It is self-pollinating with estimated chill hours of 700. Perfect for adding interest to your landscape, enjoy this edible ornamental and the large harvest of fruits for years to come!

When your tree matures, it will be approximately 15 - 20' tall x 15 - 20' wide.

Apricot, Wenatchee Moorpark

SKU: SP-Fr-AprWen
  • 3/4 in thick, 4-6' tall

    Seedling Rootstock

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