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Michigan Native: Yes


Red-osier dogwood is a large, 7- to 9-foot erect shrub best suited where the background, such as evergreens, will show off the dark red winter stems.  Besides attractive, red stems in the winter, red-osier dogwood has yellowish-white flowers that appear in late May to early June,  and bluish-white fruit borne in late summer. Fall color is reddish-purple.


For best flowering and winter color grow in full sun. Tolerant of shade conditions.
Very adaptable to soil conditions, including wet soils.
This dogwood will form thickets. If left unpruned plants reach 7 to 9 feet high and 10 feet wide.

Dogwood, Red Osier

SKU: SP-Shr-DogRO24
  • 18-24 inches tall

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