A mini-greenhouse for your seedlings!

Max Grow Tube Tree Shelters feature a durable plastic construction. These UV-treated tubes have a flared top that protects the plant as it emerges from the shelter. A cuffed bottom provides support for the tube. The top has ventilation holes which allow for proper airflow. An unvented base protects the seedlings from chemical overspray. 

Max Grow Tube Tree Shelters act like a mini greenhouse for your seedlings. They create an ideal environment that accelerates plant growth. This environment increases terminal stem and root development. It also provides basic weed control and reduces stress caused by drought conditions. These tubes also protect your saplings from animals, wind, and equipment.

Max Grow Tube Tree Shelters nurture and protect your plants for up to five years. Their 100% recycled plastic construction makes them a nature-friendly choice. These shelters are proudly manufactured in the USA!

Installation of Max Grow Tube Tree Shelters requires the use of stakes. These tubes include bamboo stakes.


We are NOT able to ship this item.  Available for local pick up only.

Max Grow Tube Tree Shelters, w/stake

  • Due to current restrictions with products/materials coming from China, we have had to replace the 5' tree tubes with 4' tree tubes, we appologize for any inconvience this may cause.

  • Please note, if you are intending these for fruit trees, they will NOT fit in full height with the branches.  You may cut them in half to protect the trunk, and will have to slit sides to fit them on, however, we still recomend a wider, wire-type shelter to protect from deer damage.