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The Somerset Seedless Grape is the hardiest seedless grape for Northern gardens. The medium-sized seedless fruits grow in small to medium-sized compact clusters—and the fruits have a sweet, unique, strawberry-like flavor and juicy, firm, crisp texture. The grapes exhibit the best flavor when allowed to ripen on the vine until late summer. Grapes can be eaten fresh or made into jelly. Vines exhibit good disease resistance and grow 4-6 ft. tall with a 1-1½ ft. spread. For best results, plant in full sun in highly organic, well-drained soil. Self-pollinating. Zones 4-8.

  • Seedless table grape
  • Sweet with firm, crisp texture
  • Compact clusters of medium-sized fruits

Somerset Red Grape Seedless

SKU: SP-Smf-Som24
  • 2 Year Bare root

    1/4" at collar with 1 or 2 branches

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