Michigan Native: Yes


Description: Walnut Family (Juglandaceae). Black walnut is usually a medium sized tree ranging from 70-90 feet tall and 2-3 feet in diameter at breast height. However, black walnut can reach 150 feet tall and 8 feet in diameter at breast height. The branches are widely spread and form a massive crown. The bark is thick and brown to grayish-black in color. The bark has deep furrows and narrow forking ridges. The furrows and ridges form a diamond pattern. The twigs are stout with notched leaf scars. They are light brown to orangish in color. The terminal buds are short, blunt, and covered with a few hairy scales. The leaves are up to 6 dm long with 9-23 leaflets attached directly to a stout rachis without a supporting stalk. The rachises are covered with fine short hairs. Flowers appear in late May to early June. The flowers bear 17-50 stamens, but lack pistils. The fruits are 4-6 cm in diameter and spherical shaped. They can be found in groups of 2-3 or solitary. The fruits have a thick, semi-fleshy, husk covered with short hairs and are yellowish-green in color. The nut is corrugated with rounded ridges.



Walnut, Black

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  • 1-2 ft. tall