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Consulting Foresters Program and Workshop

Purpose: To assist Saginaw County landowners in learning more about their woodlot and its potential by working with certified foresters.

In 2022, Saginaw County landowners expressed a high concern for their forested land in a Conservation Needs Assessment that was conducted in the area. Currently, Saginaw County does not have access to a District Forester and staff at the District has limited knowledge/experience regarding the field of forestry. 

This completely free program will provide county residents with the necessary resources to better manage the land in line with their goals, whether that be timber harvest, wildlife habitat, hunting, recreation, etc.


  • Woodlot must be 5+ acres

  • Woodlot must be located in Saginaw County

  • Woodlot is not currently under contract

How it works: Attend the informational workshop on May 23rd at the Thomas Township Nature Center and Preserve at 5:30PM. After the meeting, you will schedule a FREE 2-hour consultation visit with a forester. During the visit, ask as many questions as you want!

Forest Path

Workshop Details:

Thursday, May 23rd at 5:30PM

Thomas Township Nature Center and Preserve

6660 Gratiot Rd. Saginaw, MI 48609

The forester can give information such as:

  • If the woodlot is ready/suitable for a timber harvest

  • The value of certain species, size requirements, harvest logistics 

  • Identify species of trees

  • Identify invasive species

  • Give advice on creating better wildlife habitat

  • Talk about different forest pests/diseases relevant to the area

  • Next steps landowners can take towards their goals

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