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About Us

Conservation Districts are the local providers of natural resource management services that help citizens conserve their lands and our environment for a cleaner, healthier, economically stronger Michigan.

As a local, special purpose unit of government, the Saginaw Conservation District is governed by a locally elected, five-member board of directors. The guiding philosophy of Conservation Districts is that local people should make decisions on conservation issues at the local level, with technical assistance provided by government.

The Saginaw Conservation District is co-located in the USDA Service Center and works, in part, with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) on promoting various conservation practices throughout Saginaw County. 


The mission of the Saginaw Conservation District: Conserve and protect natural resources through conservation education, outreach and partnerships.


Grant Programs

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Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program:

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks. MAEAP's mission is to develop and implement a proactive environmental assurance program ensuring that Michigan farmers are engaging in cost-effective pollution prevention practices and working to comply with state and federal environmental regulations. 


This is a voluntary and proactive program which is designed to help farmers’ reduce legal and environmental risks through a comprehensive process. The program has a number of systems, farmstead, cropping and livestock to name a few. With confidentiality guaranteed by law, MAEAP provides a structure under which Michigan farmers can be assured they are effectively following approved MAEAP standards. 


To get the process started please talk to the MAEAP Technician for Saginaw and Bay Counties, Ms. Jamie Roberts. Jamie joined our team in June of 2022 and is getting to know the friendly faces of farming community. Please feel free to stop by our office at any time if you are interested in joining the program or have any questions. 

91 Saginaw County verifications to date

Nutrient and Sediment Reduction through Conservation Planning to Benefit the Ecology of the Saginaw Bay Watershed:  The Saginaw Conservation District is conducting soil sampling and designing a nutrient management plan for local producers within the priority watersheds that drain into the Saginaw Bay. Our goal is to reduce the nutrient and sediment loading, which in turn will reduce water quality issues within the Saginaw Bay such as: sedimentation, eutrophication and algae blooms. Our sampling includes ground located in Saginaw, Bay and Tuscola Counties. At this time, we will be  conducting sampling on approximately 11,000 acres that will be included in this project. Those test results are being complied into site specific nutrient management plans for the growers to implement. 

Over 100,000 lbs of phosphorus reduction found


Cooperative Agreement:  This cooperative agreement is designed to provide a partnership between the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the local Conservation District.  The NRCS provides landowners and producers with both technical and financial assistance for voluntary programs for various conservation practices. 
The main programs that this agreement has assisted with over the last two years include the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), and Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), benefitting an average 100 producers annually.  In turn, creating nearly $145,000 worth of monetary assistance for these completed practices. 
Within the last year alone, our technician has verified nearly 6,000 acres in field checks for cover crops, filter strips, conservation cover, and residue management as well as assisted with conservation plans for these producers. This is an important partnership with NRCS, and we look forward to continuously working with the landowners and producers of Saginaw County.

Approximately $145,000 in annual assistance

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